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What Readers Are Saying...

- “The Bridge was a real nail biter.”

- “A spellbinding story with paranormal elements...”

- "The Bridge" is a paranormal novel of highest quality.”

- To fans of the "Paranormal": This book definitely is a "must-read"!

- “What is most impressive however are the characters. The authors really took the characters one step further than one would expect”

- "Wonderful story reminiscent of my Dean Koontz days."

- "This book should be made into a science-fiction movie."

- “A page turner...”

- "An original tale from two highly imaginative minds.”

- “The story thunders on like a steam-roller...”

- “I laughed, I gasped, and marveled at the breeze with which the Krummenackers paid homage to the likes of H.P. Lovecraft.”

- “As a fan of the Paranormal I would definitely say: Read the book – it's excellent!!”

- “Kept me on the edge of my seat...”

- “I cannot wait for the next book in the series.”

- “Pick this up if you like vampires!”

- “A little Twilight, a little Bram Stoker, a little Stephen King...”

- “Do not pick this book up if you think you know everything about vampires! It will completely change your thinking about them.”

- “It keeps you enthralled with the story, constantly making you want to turn the next page.”

- “This was the first time I read myself through a story built on blog (diary) entries... but then I realized it worked for the story, for the characters and it developed the entire storyline right before my eyes.”

- "Such a different approach to the 'birth' so to speak and the para earths are fascinating!"

- “I look forward to the next installments!”

Available exclusively at Amazon, in *Kindle and Trade Paperback formats.

*NOTE: Kindle version is available FREE for all Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

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