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Allan Krummenacker

I was born and raised on Long Island New York.  As a child I was always a dreamer and a lover of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror. Some of my favorite all time TV shows (which I still love and watch) are the original Dark Shadows, the original Twilight Zone series, Doctor Who,  and original The Outer Limits.

In 1985 I came to California where I fell in with a great crowd of Dr. Who fans who introduced me to Sci-Fi Conventions and other clubs. I also met my wife Helen there. Together, we got into costuming and attending conventions.  At the conventions I learned a great deal from authors, actors, and people working in the special effects.  All these experiences helped fire my imagination even more, so I began writing short fan-fic stories for the club newsletters. 

During this time I was a Realtor when the bubble burst and my career began falling apart.  To keep myself from falling into depression I began doing fanfic pieces based on some of my favorite gothic and sci-fi shows.  But soon I found myself coming up with completely new stories and ideas, that were so far removed from the shows I realized I'd created something new and original.  
Brushing up on my grammar and punctuation skills, I set out to bring my vision to life.  When the first story was complete I began querying agents only to be told the same thing over and over.  "This is really interesting, but you crossed sci-fi, mystery, and horror.  I don't know where I'd be able to sell it to.  Can you narrow it down to just one of those?"  
For two years this went on before I decided to strike out on my own and become and Indie Author.  Now, four years into my series, I've been joined by my wife Helen, who up until "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" had acted as my sounding-board, and science advisor.  Now without further ado, let me step aside and allow Helen to introduce herself to you all...

Helen Krummenacker 

Formerly, Helen Henry, is a native of California. My most joyful and creative days are those when a cool marine layer off the Monterey Bay stimulates my mind and body (as asthma and fibromyalgia are problems). However, I began writing as a girl growing up in the hot Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley. Back then I mostly wrote short stories and poems, generally published without pay in small zines.


But my creativity did not stop there.  I started creating visual art, which I began entering into local shows where they took more than a few awards.  I currently sell art at my online gallery located at:


More recently my focus had been on math and science as I returned to school to earn a bachelor's degree in math. According to my family, I now put the math in "polymath", a term that readily describes my wide range of interests. But now I bring all these skills and real world science to the shared science fiction into the Para-Earth series.   I had already been Allan's constant advisor in the first two books, but now I have taken up sharing the keyboard with him and together we will take you to places and show you wonders you've never seen before.

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