A unique blend of paranormal and science fiction that would make the Twilight Zone proud.  Through each book/short story we introduce you, and our characters, to a whole new vision of Parallel Earths unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Discover beings and alternate versions of Earth that are usually found only in dreams, or even nightmares.  


So please feel free to come and explore. The door is open and you are always welcome...

Beware of "Stealth Writer's Block"

Well, we're mostly settled into our new place, so the dust is slowly settling from all of that. Well mostly settled. Still unpacking and organizing where we want things to go and how, but that's just normal after a move. But sometimes figuring out how to organize your story and where you want certain events or revelations to go can also be pretty tricky. It can even lead to problems I'd never thought about, like Writer's Block. Or, as it was with me recently, STEALTH WRITER'S BLOCK! Now what I mean by that is a kind of Writer's Block you aren't even aware of. To give you an example, this is what happened to me. I had finished a particular scene in my current novel and had moved way

My Review of Isaac Asimov's "Tales of the Black Widowers"

Isaac Asimov is well known for his extremely numerous writing contributions to science and science fiction. But not everyone knows he was also a mystery author and regular contributor to Ellery Queen Magazine, as well as a few others. His most famous crime sleuths never actually went to a crime scene, nor did they go into police headquarters and announce they had cracked an important case. No, these amateur sleuths, who call themselves the Black Widowers because once a month they come together for a dinner of just themselves and one invited guest, a man. Women are not allowed to attend this function, hence their nickname. For one night a month they can enjoy just the company of each othe

The Two Most Powerful Words When It Comes to Writing Fiction...

I like to talk about writing and the different aspects of it. Recently I got to wondering about where it all begins. Where do most stories originate or come from in the first place? Naturally the answer is a person gets an idea and starts to explore different avenues with it. But that wasn't good enough of an answer to me. I had to ask, where does the idea come from in the first place? Where does idea get its beginning? What if... I began to ask and then stopped. I'd just found my answer. Two little words... that's all it takes for a story idea to be born. But it doesn't stop there. Oh no, my friends those two little words keep popping up throughout the writing process. Time an

My Review of "Talon: Come Fly With Me"

Besides talking about writing and our own works, you will find that we also post reviews of other authors books. Today I am reviewing the first in Gigi Sedlmayer's - Talon series. Have you ever felt like you would never fit in? Of course you have, we all have at one point or another. But for some this is not simply being awkward socially, but much more. For 10 year old Matica, the problem is a physical one. She is not growing. Despite her age and having a younger brother, Matica has the body of a much younger child which has made her life a real challenge as far as making any friends in the little village in Peru where her parents are missionaries trying to help the local tribe. The t

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