A unique blend of paranormal and science fiction that would make the Twilight Zone proud.  Through each book/short story we introduce you, and our characters, to a whole new vision of Parallel Earths unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Discover beings and alternate versions of Earth that are usually found only in dreams, or even nightmares.  


So please feel free to come and explore. The door is open and you are always welcome...

An Early Halloween Treat From Us to You...

*Helen and I agreed that this particular snippet from "The Vampyre Blogs - One Day At A Time" was just perfect for this time of year. While it does not cover the entire story, this particular section seemed just right for the holiday season. And as with many of the tales you'll find in this collection, we start laying down the foundation for other stories down the road. We do things like this because we want the Para-Earth Series to be open-ended. There is no specific ending in mind, however there will eventually be closure for some of the characters, but not for a long time to come. We're generating new ideas all the time for existing characters as well as ones you've yet to meet. So

Review Of Ira Levin's Classic Novel "The Stepford Wives"

A few days ago, I managed to finally locate a copy of this book at my local used book store and immediately snatched it up. Having seen both the original 1975 movie starring Katharine Ross, as well as the more recent Nicole Kidman version, I was eager to read the actual book that made the term Stepford Wives part of our everyday lexicon. I'm going to assume that most people reading this blog already knows the story and how it ends. If you haven't seen either movie I strongly recommend the 1975 version which is much closer to the book, and not read the rest of this entry until you have because it contains huge SPOILERS! For those who are continuing to read this post you have been warned...

Another Glimpse Into Our Upcoming Anthology

*Update from Allan: Last week, while awaiting the arrival of a replacement laptop for me, our desktop computer gave up the ghost. This left us with just Helen's laptop which she needs for college accounting courses. So our release date for "The Vampyre Blogs - One Day At A Time" has been pushed back until "Twelfth Night" or January 5th, 2018. We chose this because with the holidays coming we will have a harder time getting things done like beta-reader testing, edits, artwork finished, cover art, and formatting the book. Furthermore, December is notoriously a bad time for independent authors to get much visibility due to the big publishing companies dominating advertising for the Christmas ru

Halloween Readings

***MULTIPLE 4 and 5 STARS REVIEWS**** Looking for a good creepy read? The Para-Earths Series may be just what you're looking for. Paranormal meets Science Fiction in these three terrifying and yet touching tales that will keep you turning page after page to see what happens next. Although part of an ongoing series each story can be read in any order. Come and check out why this more and more people are talking about this intriguing and growing series. KINDLE: https://www.amazon.com/Para-Earth-Series-3-Book/dp/B01MFAGI7H/ref=pd_ybh_a_19?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CSC40VJRXZF2ZZZQZZMW NOOK: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/allan%20krummenacker/_/N-8qa KOBO, APPLE, SONY, PDF READERS: https:/

1st Sneak Peek Into Our Upcoming Anthology..

The long wait to replace my now deceased laptop has unfortunately been extended due to circumstances beyond my control like, car registration, car repairs, books for my wife's college classes, etc. Luckily I am on vacation this week, or rather a 'stay-cation' and am working hard to get our upcoming anthology edited and ready for beta-reading. We hope to have this process completed by the end of this month. In the meantime, with our time and resources being a little limited, we decided to offer the first sneak peek into the anthology itself. We hope this peek will intrigue and delight you all, since it will be the first of several leading up to the day of the book's release. So without fur

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