A unique blend of paranormal and science fiction that would make the Twilight Zone proud.  Through each book/short story we introduce you, and our characters, to a whole new vision of Parallel Earths unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Discover beings and alternate versions of Earth that are usually found only in dreams, or even nightmares.  


So please feel free to come and explore. The door is open and you are always welcome...


Since it was unleashed last December, "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home" has been drawing attention but not to the degree any writer would like to see. One way to correct this problem is by getting reviews. Reviews are the lifeblood for any book, and to date this one has had only 3 on Amazon and NONE anywhere else. So we have 10 FREE copies on hand for those who wish to meet a sun avoiding, shape-shifting, science fiction vampire from the Civil War. We have all versions available for you: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, Apple, PDF and even Trade Paperback. Whatever version you choose, that copy will of course be yours to keep. You can contact us by leaving a message below or by clicking the "CONTA

Birth of a Series Part 2 - "What Is a Para-Earth?"

In my last entry I explained how I had settled on the idea of Parallel Realities for the premise of my series. But what could I do with it that was new and different? Well as Doctor Who would say, "This is where things get a bit tricky." We all know that a lot of choices are man-made, but events are also a major player in our world and our lives. What if not just choice could lead to a parallel reality? What if events that didn’t happen in our reality, did happen in another reality? And what might be the consequences and effects of that event? Current theory says that that moon we all know and love was made as a result of an event that took place in Earth’s very early childhood, long bef

Birth of a Series Part - 1 "It All Started With Dreams"

“Submitted for your approval…” these are the opening words written and spoken for the Twilight Zone by its creator Rod Serling. In that place, people found themselves facing death, adventure, revelation, terror, or even worse… themselves. So in the spirit of the late Mr. Serling, today’s entry is submitted for the approval of all our readers (whoever and wherever you may come from) as I guide you through the process of how the Para-Earth Series came into being. In the early 1900’s Mr. Howard Phillip Lovecraft (often referred to as HP Lovecraft) created a series of stories that would come to be known as the Cthulhu Mythos. In these tales, the audience was introduced to beings from not onl

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