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Why So Quiet Lately? What Have We Been Up To?

Hello all, here's a quick update on what's been going on for us and why we've been so quiet here lately.

First off, there is of course this whole Pandemic that's been going on, but in spite of the situation, both Helen and I have been still working our full-time jobs for the County of Santa Cruz. In spite of not actually being in medical or law enforcement positions, we were considered "Disaster" personnel and have been doing our regular 8-5 shifts this whole time. At first a fair amount was done by telecommuting, but then we've both have been called back to actually deal with the public in person several times a week in her case, and on an alternating weekly schedule in my case. Thank goodness for masks and plastic shielding. Between those and the fact that both of us have been extremely cautious we've gotten through things so far in one piece (knock on wood).

In other news, as you all saw in my last post I've been rather busy with recording audiobooks these days. To date I've completed two which are available on Audible at this link:

Both of those books were written by Helen for her "Forever Detective" series which focuses on former police officer turned private investigator, Rafael Jones, who on his first job came across the supernatural and is now a part of it as a vampire. With each new book both Rafael learns more and more about his new existence, while still trying to be the good man he's always been. He's also continuing to run his business as a private investigator, who occasionally finds his cases taking him further into the world of the supernatural his is now a part of.

I am currently in the final stages of turning her 3rd book "Forever In Deep" into an audiobook.

But what about the Para-Earth series? Are we still working on new stories? What about turning them into audiobooks? The answer is...

As a matter of fact, I had started recording "The Bridge" only to learn to my horror, that the book is now riddled with errors that had not been there before. What happened? Well, "The Bridge" had originally been published under the Createspace label, until Amazon/Kindle absorbed Createspace and moved all the books published under that label over to KIndle. Alas, the formats were not completely compatible and the files were corrupted leading to some serious errors in the book. I had not known about the errors and only recently found out about the problem when I got a new copy so I could read aloud from it. It was while reading the Prologue section I found a great number of errors and realized what had happened. So I've pulled the book down from Amazon and all other outlets, so I can create a clean, professional product.

As I started doing this I realized that next year would be the 10 year anniversary of the book originally being released. So now, in addition to creating a good clean version, I'm also going to record the book for Audible. Both will be released early next year on the anniversary of the book's original release. This will be a special 10th Anniversary edition, possibly with a new/updated cover.

And since we're talking about the Para-Earths series, we will be doing our best to complete the first drafts of "The Door", which is currently sitting at over 50,000 words.

We will also be focusing a lot of energy into "The Vampyre Blogs - Family Ties", which will continue the adventures of Nathan, Otto, Lisa, and Marisa along with their families and friends. This book will also bring in the Karneval Schatten (aka: The Shadow Carnival) crew who were introduced in our anthology "The Vampyre Blogs - One Day At a Time", as major players in the Para-Earth Series. Currently, the first draft of this book is sitting at over 12,000 words.

So there's a lot going on as you can all see and we have so much in store to make available to you all in the coming months. Mind you a lot of our progress will depend on new developments both in our everyday lives as well as any new unexpected turns with the pandemic or other things that effect us all.

So please be patient and hang in there. There's a lot going on and we hope to be unveiling some great new stuff for you all in the coming months. Until next time keep reading and listening everyone.

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