A unique blend of paranormal and science fiction that would make the Twilight Zone proud.  Through each book/short story we introduce you, and our characters, to a whole new vision of Parallel Earths unlike anything you've ever seen before.  Discover beings and alternate versions of Earth that are usually found only in dreams, or even nightmares.  


So please feel free to come and explore. The door is open and you are always welcome...

My "Hobbit" Birthday Party Is Officially Started..

The party has begun, we've got presents, cake, candle, plates and above all else a gift for you. Namely a FREE Kindle copy of our latest book.... Just click on this link to grab your copy: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDO8SLO/ref=series_rw_dp_sw And don't forget to grab a slice of cake to enjoy while you're at it. Remember, cake and reading go hand in hand, as does sharing this link with everyone you know. The party comes to an end at midnight on April 3rd to spread the word and thanks for coming.

Part II of: E-Books or Print, My Own Thoughts and Feelings...

When I last posted I had shared how Helen and I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas back in 2015 and that I had started learning more about how to use it and to download books. Again, many of you thought, "That's it we've lost him. Good-bye paper, hello electronic..." But that did not come to pass. It took me a little while to get used to the page turning abilities and how many paragraphs there are on an e-page (usually less than in a typical printed book from what I can tell). The simple swiping of the pages on the Kindle really threw me for a long while, because I'd accidentally go to far and would then have to slowly swipe back to get to where I needed to be. Then recently I learned


For those of you not familiar with a Hobbit Birthday Party it goes like this... My birthday is coming up on March 30th, but instead of asking for presents I'm giving one away to anyone who wants it. The present in this case is a FREE Kindle copy of "The Vampyre Blogs - Coming Home"! The catch... none. I simply want to get the newest installment of the Para-Earth Series into the hands of as many readers as possible, because word-of-mouth is THE best promotion tool out there. So stay tuned and start spreading the word. It all begins on March 30th and will last until midnight April 3rd. That's a whole five days to grab a copy and meet the newest vampyre in town. What is he like? For starts, he

E-books or Print? My Own Thoughts and Feelings…

I will be the first to say that when e-readers came out I was more than a little skeptical. I really didn’t think they would take off the way they had. Online newspapers I could see, because for one thing it was a great way of lessening the amount of paper going into landfills (in spite of the fact that me and great number of people out there try to recycle). However, I also saw it as a chance for less trees to be cut down because let’s face it, a number of them were being taken down in spite of all the paper recycling (yes I’m very much into ‘green’ living and recycling). But I digress. At the time I really did not see a lot of benefit coming from making books electronically available.

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